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Salsa Dance in Bangalore
Salsa classes in Bangalore are sought after by people looking to add an element of fun to their weekend. This social dance of Cuban origin has caught the imagination of the people of this city. Apart from being very attractive & fun, Salsa is also known to test your social & interpersonal skills as this is a partner-work dance. Salsa is not just about you. It takes two to make this look good & in this, lies the challenge & beauty.

Belly Dance in Bangalore
Classes for Belly dance in Bangalore are running house-full, thanks to Shakira who made it popular all over again with her performance in the music video of her hit single – Hips Don’t Lie.

Bellydance is a western name for the traditional middle-eastern dance, especially Raqs Sharqi (Oriental Dance). This dance form is sometimes associated with cabaret but Bellydance was never created for the entertainment of men.
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Hip Hop Dance in Bangalore
Hip Hop Classes in Bangalore have been a rage for over two years now among teens & young working professionals. Hip Hop usage in Bollywood choreography has made it a hot favourite among pre-teens of the city. This dance is a social or choreographed dance style primarily danced to Hip Hop music. The credit of developing this dance goes to the Black & Latin-American community during the 1970s. Hip Hop Classes in Bangalore generally follow the ‘2 classes/week’ format though some intensive workshops are conducted from time to time.
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Kathak Dance in Bangalore
Kathak classes in Bangalore are popular with the ever-increasing non-South Indian populace of the city. Kathak literally means “Story-Teller” & is the north indian equivalent of south’s Bharatanatyam, the temple dance form. Kathak, today contains traces of temple, ritual dances, & the influence of the Bhakti movement & Persian dance imported by the royal courts during the Mughal period.

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Ballet Dance in Bangalore
Ballet is a performance dance which is said to have originated during the Italian Renaissance period. This was further developed in France, Engl& & Russia into a concert dance. Ballet classes in Bangalore are highly sought-after by parents of school-going children. Very often the waiting period for admission runs into months. But the parents are willing to wait as they want the very best for their children. It is a misconception that it is too late for adults to learn ballet. Last couple of years has seen many teenagers & working professionals throng ballet classes in Bangalore.
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Contemporary Dance in Bangalore
Contemporary dance is a concert dance that uses compositional philosophy, rather than choreography. It uses dance techniques & methods found in ballet, modern dance & very generously draws from other philosophies of movement that are outside the domain of classical dance technique. Contemporary dance is taught at very select places in Bangalore mostly on weekends. This course generally culminates in to stage performance at the end of the 2-3 month workshop. The term "contemporary dance" is sometimes used to describe dance that is not classical.
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